About Our Restaurant

Mine Hill, NJ was discovered by surveyor John Reading in 1710 on the site of the famous Suckasunny iron ore mine, later named the Dickerson mine, for one of Mine Hills most famous residents Johnathan Dickerson. Mine Hill occupies an important place in Morris County NJ's history. It has a legacy that honors the role played by the hard-working men and women who wore their "aprons" in those mines that helped build our roads, cities, and military in times of peace and helped in protecting its freedoms in times of war.

The Miner's Apron sits on a site originally built in 1854 and was purchased and created in 2006 by Michael Fausto a local Randolph, NJ resident. "Fausto" as his friends and family more commonly refer to him as, believes in honoring the rich history of Mine Hill by offering fantastic food, drinks and an atmosphere that connects to his beloved community.